.BANK Launches With a Bang

Here is a recap of a CircleID Post published today.

The 30-day .BANK Sunrise Period just concluded this week and is notable for several reasons.

The majority of banks are community-based and do not have registered trademarks that would be eligible for the Trademark Clearinghouse. Nonetheless, banks registered nearly 800 trademarks in the new TLD. Many of these trademarks were added to the Trademark Clearinghouse solely for the .BANK TLD. At a retail price averaging more than $1000, the total dollar amount spent by bankers on these two activities is well over $1 million dollars.

The General Availability Period for .BANK kicks off on June 23 at 8pm ET. The level of interest is very high, especially among the 6,000 plus community bankers spread across the U.S. For example, EnCirca has pre-orders from all 50 U.S. states.

Read the rest of the post here.

Register .BANK here.



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