Mass Revocation of SMD Files Announced by TMCH

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) announced today that a mass revocation of SMD files will occur on December 14.

This means that the submission of Sunrise applications should likely be deferred until December 14.

Newly-issued SMD files can be retrieved by trademark owners AFTER December 14 via their TMCH account. Of course, trademark owners should therefore wait until after December 14 before providing their ICANN Registrar a SMD file for Sunrise registrations, to ensure the correct SMD file is uploaded to the Registry for various Sunrises.

Any Sunrise application already submitted to a gTLD Registry, may need to be re-submitted after December 14. This would occur if a Registry decided to re-check the validity of SMD files prior to the allocation of the domain name. A SMD file issued before December 14 would then appear on the revocation list, resulting in a rejection.

This change could have the practical effect of shortening the 60 day Sunrise Periods for Sunrises that have already started, or will begin before December 14. However, Registries may elect to extend the deadline.

EnCirca is supporting all of the Sunrise periods currently underway. The full list of Sunrise Periods that are underway or expected to start before December 14th are listed on EnCirca’s new gTLD Sunrise Page

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