.CRYPTO Application


EnCirca has been selected as the exclusive validation agent for the .CRYPTO Trademark Sunrise Period!

  • .CRYPTO has reserved some names they have identified as being trademarked.
  • If your name comes up as not available, please contact support@encirca.com to find out the trademark status and cost.
  • Trademark holders with proof of ownership can apply to claim ownership of any trademarked names. EnCirca will send you a link to the trademark validation page if your name is eligible for validation.
  • You must validate your trademark before you can apply for a trademarked domain.
  • EnCirca will send you a token to purchase domains once your trademarks have been validated
  • Some domains may be premium priced. There is a $89 non-refundable Sunrise Application fee. 
  • Registration fee includes 1 year of EnCirca’s custodial service

More Info

  • $89 per year for regular registrations
  • Some domains may be premium
  • Trademarked names must be validated
  • $89 per year for custodial fee
  • $89 transfer fee
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