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.COOP Registration



.coop is reserved exclusively for co-operatives and cooperative organizations, and the Registry will verify your registration. The .coop verification process is initiated as soon as the .coop domain is registered. The registrant will receive an email by dotCoop asking them to provide confirmation or evidence that they are eligible for their .coop registration. The .coop name/s registered by this registrant will be inactive until the registrant has been verified as eligible. If the .COOP registry is not able to verify eligibility for any reason, no refund of registration fees will be given regardless of any grace periods.


The Benefits of a .coop Domain

There’s no better, or more cost-effective, ways to raise your cooperative profile than a .coop domain name.

  • For your website, a .coop domain gives you the immediate recognition as Cooperative business.
  • An email from a .coop address immediately associates you and your fellow cooperators with all the great values of being a cooperative and says you’re part of the global movement. 
  • Only verified cooperatives can have a .coop domain and in a world short on trust, that’s a big advantage. 70% of people say they have confidence in a cooperative.
  • You can use the official brand that stands for Cooperatives around the world


More Info

  • $75 Regular registration and renewal
  • Please be aware that some domains may be premium. Renewal price equals the registration price.
  • .coop is reserved exclusively for co-operatives and cooperative organizations, and the Registry will verify your registration. 
Premium Domain List
agricultural.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
agriculture.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
apex.coop $375 Add to Cart
bank.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
care.coop $375 Add to Cart
conservation.coop $750 Add to Cart
creditunion.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
creditunions.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
ecology.coop $375 Add to Cart
electricpower.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
employee.coop $375 Add to Cart
entertainment.coop $375 Add to Cart
environment.coop $750 Add to Cart
family.coop $375 Add to Cart
farming.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
fisheries.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
fishery.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
food.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
governance.coop $375 Add to Cart
green.coop $375 Add to Cart
greenenergy.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
grocery.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
health.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
housing.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
international.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
investor.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
labor.coop $375 Add to Cart
labour.coop $375 Add to Cart
marketplace.coop $375 Add to Cart
multistakeholder.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
naturalresources.coop $375 Add to Cart
nature.coop $375 Add to Cart
nutrition.coop $375 Add to Cart
producer.coop $750 Add to Cart
producers.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
purchase.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
purchasers.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
resources.coop $375 Add to Cart
retail.coop $750 Add to Cart
retailer.coop $750 Add to Cart
sector.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
sectoral.coop $750 Add to Cart
sectors.coop $1,500 Add to Cart
service.coop $375 Add to Cart
socialcare.coop $375 Add to Cart
solidarity.coop $375 Add to Cart
trade.coop $375 Add to Cart
transport.coop $375 Add to Cart
transportation.coop $750 Add to Cart
utilities.coop $375 Add to Cart
utility.coop $750 Add to Cart
water.coop $750 Add to Cart
wholesale.coop $375 Add to Cart
wildlife.coop $750 Add to Cart
worker.coop $375 Add to Cart
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