.CN Frequently Asked Questions

Real Name Verification Requirements Update effective July 12, 2022
  1. New Create Domain Names
    All new domain transactions in the .CN and .中国 (.China) zones can only be performed when the Registrant Contact ID has passed RNV.  At the time of a create command, Registrant Contact IDs will be validated with the RNV approved database and if a Registrant Contact ID has not passed RNV, the domain name create transaction(s) will fail. 

  2. Renewal Domain Names
    The renewal of registered domain names that have a Registrant Contact ID that has not passed RNV is prohibited. Under the new guidelines, currently registered domain names that have a Registrant Contact ID that has not passed RNV will not be renewed. 

    Real Name Documentation

    You'll need to email a copy of valid documentation to support@encirca.com or billing@encirca.com in order to begin the real name validation process. To use your domain name, you must provide one of the following:

    • A valid resident ID, temporary resident ID, business license or organization code certificate from China.
    • A valid resident ID, passport or business license from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau.
    • A valid passport from Singapore.
    • A valid passport from all other countries and regions.

    Once your documentation has been received, you’ll be notified within a few business days whether it has passed real name validation.

Click here for a list of accepted validation documents for the .CN Registry.

Effective July 12, 2022, CNNIC will strictly supervise malicious activity and associated Registrants for .CN and .中国 domain names.

Updated Malicious Monitoring Policy:\

  1. In addition to the suspension of resolution of malicious domain names, CNNIC may prevent the associated Registrant from registering new domain names.
  2. If the Registrant of an identified malicious domain name fails to cure the deficiency and pass RNV within 10-days of notice by the Registrar, all other .CN or .中国 domain names associated with the Registrant ID will also be suspended from resolution and will not work properly.
  3. If the Registrant is detected to have additional incidents of malicious domain names, on the third occurrence the Registrant ID along with the corresponding RNV documentation will be placed on a permanent ‘not-allow’ list by CNNIC and all .CN and .中国 domain names associated will be suspended from resolution.

January 2022 Real Name Verification

Starting from January 1st, 2022, the registrant must provide its registration certificate/business license or ID document before being able to register, renew, transfer or change the ownership of domain names. Otherwise, the above-mentioned operations can not be performed.

The registrant data of a domain name already registered must be validated by the Registry before that date, otherwise you will no longer be able to renew, transfer or change the ownership of your domain name.

Real name validation lets you "activate" .CN domain names, which means you can use your domain name for websites or email addresses.

This requirement does not apply to .CN domain registrations before January 2016. However, these customers must complete real name validation if they want to change their registrant's organization, first, or last name.

Click here for a list of accepted validation documents for the .CN Registry.

October 2019: UPDATED regulations for .CN registrations

Audits on documentation will be reviewed according to these standards.

  1. Non-Chinese Institutions shall submit scanned copies of certificates issued by their corresponding authority. Screenshots of the website verification as identification materials will no longer be accepted.
  2. Non-Chinese Individuals can only submit passports as a valid supporting documentation. Driver License or ID Cards will no longer be accepted.
  3. The domain name information should be filled out accurately and the name and certificate number of the registrant in the domain name registration information should be consistent with the content in the registrant’s identity certificate.
  4. If the name of the registrant cannot be filled in completely due to the number limitation of characters of the system, the first 64 characters should be filled in.
  5. The Chinese name and number shall be completely consistent with the certificate. Switching of Chinese and Traditional Characters is not allowed.
  6. If there is no certificate number in the certificate of a non-Chinese institution or entity, the number zero ‘0’ should be filled in.
  7. Registrants shall submit the original color electronic scanned file and all information in the certificate shall be clear and complete.
  8. For individuals submitting passports, the passport number must also be included.
  9. The content in the certificate shall not be altered manually or electronically such as via Photoshop.

October 2018: UPDATED regulations for .CN registrations

Registrant Contacts
If a registrant submits Chinese documents for audit or Real Name Verification (“RNV”) purposes for any new contact(s) created including “ Chinese ID card “, “ Foreign Passport “, “ Chinese officer certificate “, “ Chinese Organization Code Certificate “, “ Chinese business license “, then Chinese characters must be used in the name and/or Organization fields. PINYIN characters will no longer be allowed if Chinese characters are used on the supporting documents. This only applies to the Name and Organization fields of new Registrant contacts created. Any contacts created and/or previously verified through RNV are not affected.

Example: the ID dah58830205-nxqp is a Chinese company and the name written in Chinese is “日立汽车马达系统(广州)有限公司”, the “Organization” must be “日立汽车马达系统(广州)有限公司” and PINYIN “rili qiche mada xitong (guangzhou) youxian gongsi” is no longer allowed.

Website Suspension Additional Documentation or “Strengthening Document” Requirements

A .CN domain name and/or website may be suspended and placed on serverHOLD by the Registry. Should this occur, there are additional documentation procedures required called “Strengthening Documents”. Please see the below and attached document from above for further details.

  • Registrants should submit any additional documents to EnCirca within 10-days from the date of the notification by the Registrar
  • Registrars must submit any additional documentation requirements to Registrar Support for .CN registrations to support@cnnic.cn .

Required documents include:

  1. The Commitment Letter of Domain Name Application with signature or corporate seal confirmation (please refer to the following Annex in the attached document);
  2. Registrant identification document:
    1. if the registrant is a natural person, i)an identification document(ID card or Officer’s identity card or passport or other identification documents) AND ii) a picture of the registrant holding the above document.
    2. if the registrant is an organization, i)an organization code certificate or a business license, ii)an identification document of the legal person (ID card or Officer’s identity card or passport or other identification documents) and iii) a picture of the registrant holding the above document.
  3. ICP/IP number (OR) Commitment Letter of Domain Name for Website Use with Foreign Access (OR) Commitment Letter of Domain Name for Non-website Use (please refer to the following Annex in the attached document);

August 2012: Relaxed regulations for .CN registration for organizations outside of China

New policy allows organizations and individuals located outside of China to register .CN domain names without the need for local presence in China

CNNIC has relaxed some of their policies which previously required that all .CN registrations had to provide Chinese local presence along with supporting documentation to demonstrate their local presence. Now, the new policy will allow organizations and individuals located outside of China to register .CN domain names without the need for local presence in China provided that the proper documentation is submitted to EnCirca and CNNIC.

Company Registrations need to provide the following:

  • A copy of corporate documentation that shows it is a legal entity. (examples include: articles of incorporation, business license) in .JPG format no more than 100K in size. * Please note that only the jurisdictions that have a searchable online database are eligible for this new policy change. (See pdf of accepted Jurisdictions )

Individual Registrations need to provide the following:

  • A copy of government issued identification for the Registrant which must match what is listed in WHOIS. (Example: Drivers license, passport, etc) In .JPG format no more than 100K in size.

Additional Information

  • After you register a .CN name, please email identification images to EnCirca at billing@encirca.com .
  • An ICP Number is only needed if the Registrant has name servers located in China. If the name servers are located outside of China, there is no requirement for an ICP number.
  • If the country or jurisdiction is NOT on the list of audit links provided, Company Registrants in that jurisdiction are NOT eligible to participate under the new policies.
  • The supporting documentation (Business License or Government Issued ID) needs to be submitted in .JPG format and should be no more than 100K in size.
  • Once the documentation is uploaded to CNNIC, the actual domain name string will be audited by CNNIC to ensure that it does not violate their registration policies. This audit may take up to 5 business days. For the purposes of this effort business days are defined as Monday through Friday Beijing time.
  • CNNIC reserves the right to do an audit of the supporting documentation and if the information does not match what is listed in WHOIS, CNNIC reserves the right to suspend such registration.
  • Once the domain name passes the CNNIC audit, it will be added to the Zone files for full resolution.
  • Once a ‘Registrant-ID’ is registered along with the supporting documentation, this Registrant-ID is considered to be ‘white-listed’ by CNNIC. Future registrations under the same Registrant-ID will not need to submit new documentation. This applies to both Company and Individual registrations.


  1. Who is CNNIC?
    The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) was founded in 1997. It is a nonprofit organization of administration and service, performing duties of the National Internet Network Information Center. The management of CNNIC is handled by the Computers Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Science. CNNIC operates under the auspices of China’s Ministry of Information Industry (MII), an agency that also oversees telecommunications, multimedia, broadcasting and satellite transmissions across China.Among its many duties, CNNIC provides domain name registration, IP address distribution and autonomous system (AS) codes distribution.
  2. What is the relationship between EnCirca and CNNIC?
    CNNIC has accredited EnCirca to be an official Registrar for the .CN domain. CNNIC is the administrator of the domain, setting policy and service levels, running the .CN Whois and generating the .CN zone file.
  3. Who runs the Registry?
    CNNIC is the official administrator of the .CN Registry.


  1. What is changing within .CN?
    Under recently announced policy, .CN domain names will be available for registration worldwide. Previously, only registrants located in China were able to register a .CN name. CNNIC is also moving to an EPP-based real-time registration system. CNNIC has also announced a new competitive registrar model. Previously, .CN sales agents accepted .CN registrations, but CNNIC acted as the exclusive Registrar and Registry.
  2. Are .CN names available directly from the Registry?
    No. CN domain names are available only through .CN accredited Registrars.
  3. Can Registrars market .CN names to registrants located in China?
    Yes. Registrars and resellers of .CN domain names are able to offer .CN domain names to registrants worldwide.
  4. Are there any unusual features of the .CN End User Agreement (compared with other gTLD contracts)?
    The .CN end-user agreement is under development. You can expect the agreement to be very similar to most registrant agreements.
  5. Are there any unusual features of the .CN Registry Gateway agreement (compared with other gTLD contracts)?
    The Registry Gateway Agreement is under development. The agreement will be similar to typical Registry-Registrar agreements. The agreement will be posted to the .CN website at www.neustar.com.cn .
  6. Is there a Nexus requirement for Registrants?
    No. Under recently announced .CN policy, registrars may accept .CN registrations from users worldwide.
  7. You say there are “no policy restrictions” on third-level .CN names. What does that mean, exactly?
    After launch, any business or organization, worldwide, can register a .CN name under a new liberalized policy that no longer restricts .CN registrations to Chinese entities.
  8. Does a company or organization need a subsidiary in China in order to acquire a .CN name?
  9. Are second-level registrations (.CN) being offered in addition to third-level (.com.cn, .net.cn, .org.cn) registrations?
    Not at the present time, although CNNIC intends to accept second-level .CN registrations under a new policy in the near future. Additional details will be provided as they become available.
  10. Is ICANN accreditation a requirement in order to become a .CN registrar?


  1. What are the rules governing intellectual property (IP) disputes in the .CN domain?
    CNNIC has posted a policy regarding intellectual property disputes on its website. The policy is very similar to the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) common in other Web domains. Visit http://www.cnnic.net.cn/doc/e-10.shtml to read more. 
  2. Will there be a Sunrise Period for IP protection for .CN?
  3. Are there any restrictions on content for the .CN domain?
    Please refer to the China Internet Domain Name Regulations, found online on the CNNIC website ( http://www.cnnic.net.cn/doc/e-8.shtml ).


  1. Why should an international business secure a .CN name?
    As the next frontier of global e-business, .CN presents companies everywhere with an unprecedented opportunity to succeed in the Chinese marketplace. China’s recent accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is proof that the Chinese economy is taking great strides toward accessibility. Now is an ideal time for companies to protect their brand identities in .CN, and to begin making inroads into the Chinese marketplace.
  2. Who will buy .CN names?
    We anticipate that the majority of .CN buyers will be small- and medium-sized businesses from around the world, concentrated mainly in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.
  3. Who will make the purchase decision for a .CN name?
    We anticipate that a CEO, marketing director, Webmaster or product manager will make most companies’ .CN purchasing decisions.
  4. Where are these .CN buyers located?
    .CN buyers will be distributed world-wide with a concentration in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. Countries of interest include Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan—all of which are top trade partners with China.
  5. What is the .CN value proposition?
    .CN offers registrants the protection of a well-established brand name in what is certain to become one of the most lucrative marketplaces in the world. Further, .CN can put Chinese customers at ease, giving them the security of dealing with businesses that have a substantial, “localized” Chinese presence as well as an international one. Finally, .CN enjoys widespread notoriety and recognition among the Chinese population.
  6. What is unique about .CN?
    All .CN names (.com.cn, .net.cn and .org.cn) are now available for the first time globally; now, registrants do not need to be residents of China to take advantage of these addresses.
  7. What volumes do you forecast?
    China has the world’s largest population and one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Chinese companies already have over 350,000 joint ventures with foreign firms. We believe that businesses worldwide that are interested in participating in the opportunity will want to have a Chinese identity on the Web.
  8. How fast is the Internet growing in China?
    Please refer to The .CN Guide for International Businesspeople . This is a document issued to provide a snapshot of the state of Chinese business (particularly as it pertains to online commerce), as well as some starting points for the businessperson wishing to incorporate a .com.cn address into his or her overall business strategy.
  9. Are .CN names restricted to the Chinese market only, or it is possible to offer .CN domains to European customers also?
    As mentioned above, any business or organization, located anywhere in the world, can register a .CN domain name under the new liberalized policy.

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  • Are blockchain domains part of ICANN / traditional DNS?No. Blockchain domains are what’s called alternate roots. They are not part of the current DNS.
  • Will there be some sort of ‘whois’ record with my personal information associated to my domain?Not by default. Sharing ‘whois’ information is opt in i.e. something that you can choose to do if you want. Otherwise, your identity will not be publicly known.
  • How do trademarks work with blockchain domains?Trademark holders with proof of ownership can apply to claim ownership of trademarked names. If a trademark name has already been sold, then it will be refunded. Note – this process ends once domains have been distributed. Unstoppable Domains does not have the ability to move a domain once distribution has occurred.
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