EnCirca Announces Support for Handshake’s Alternative TLDs

Handshake is an experimental peer-to-peer root naming system that allows anyone to create their own top-level domain extension, bypassing ICANN regulation.

The initial Handshake top-level domains supported by EnCirca are: .JS, .TXT, .API, .BASE, .C, .GIN, .MKE and .ZEN.

EnCirca has partnered with NameBase to enable registration of these new Handshake TLDs without using complicated Blockchain interfaces or paying with crypto-currency.

EnCirca’s Barrett to Moderate Blockchain Panel at NamesCon

EnCirca’s Tom Barrett will be moderating the Blockchain Panel at NamesCon in Austin, Texas on January 30 at 10am. Tom has recruited several Blockchain experts to discuss the opportunities and threats of Blockchain for domaining. The themes of the session include:
*How is a blockchain domain different from a traditional DNS domain?
*What benefits do blockchain domains bring other than being on a blockchain?
*Who controls the blockchain domains. Can anyone take them down?
*How do trademark protections work with blockchain domains?
*What role does ICANN have to play regarding blockchain domains?

Discover.bot: An Online Community For Bot Developers

The top-level .BOT domain was launched by Amazon in 2018, and has quickly become a success story. The domain is designed to accompany Amazon’s strategy for community-led AI development. Learn more about Amazon’s impact on the TLD industry.

It does this by allowing the developers of bots to publish their creations on a searchable domain. Bots are small, AI-driven pieces of software that allow users to interact with their devices in new and intuitive ways. Some of the most popular bots have been those developed for Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant, which add functionality to the base AI that Amazon provides.

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