Brand owners can now protect their trademarks in Amazon’s .BOT

84% of businesses in North America will be implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications within the next 12-24 months*.  Most of these will be customer-facing using chat or messenger-type interfaces.

Amazon’s .BOT domain name Registry is part of Amazon’s strategy to create a discovery platform of verified and trusted artificial intelligence applications.   All .BOT domain names must first pass an eligibility check by Amazon.

Brand owners should act now to protect their trademarks in .BOT using EnCirca’s simplified process.  To get started, first check availability of your trademarks below:

Bot already published with a botkit? You can verify your bot here.


Our Service

  • EnCirca will handle all of the required eligibility and registration steps for an Amazon .BOT domain name. The fee for this is $300 for a one-year registration.
  • You may register as many .BOT names as you want, including both trademarks and generic terms
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