Why Brands Need to Audit Their Domain Portfolio

Why Brands Need to Audit Their Domain Portfolio

Choosing the right domain name is critical for a company’s overall success. The most successful domain name strategies prioritize registering multiple Top Level Domains for brand protection and brand visibility.  Owning your brand across multiple TLDs has become the industry standard for attracting and retaining clientele.

Brand Protection 

Protect your brand against potential impersonation, domain squatting, or brand dilution. This proactive approach ensures that customers are directed to your official online channels, no matter the TLD they use.

  • Prevent brand impersonation domains that target customers and employees with phishing and spoofing attacks.
  • Stop domain squatting by malicious actors looking to exploit brand owners
  • Lower brand dilution where legitimate companies that have similar brand names then you may confuse customers

Brand Visibility

Redirect and Specialized Campaigns: Multiple TLDs offer flexibility. You can redirect them to your primary website, create specialized landing pages, or launch microsites for specific products or services, making it easier for your audience to find what they're looking for.

  • Generate more incoming traffic with multiple domains redirecting customers to the primary website
  • Launch specialized campaigns for specific products or services, making it easier for audience to find what they're looking for
  • Take advantage of top level domains to for email communications to target market demographics

How to Choose the Right Top Level Domains

When choosing which TLDs to add to your portfolio, consider which industries align with your company. Of course, .COM is the most widely recognized TLD today. But, millennials and Gen Zers are more and more appreciative of new TLDs, such as .BANK and .AI.

For example, if you are in the financial services industry, there are a dozen popular TLDs that can attract the next generation of clientele.  EnCirca already offers domain name searches for the financial industry here: https://www.encirca.com/finance-options/

The same applies to other industries such as tourism, legal, and technology.  Registering your brand name in these industry relevant TLDs positions yourself for immediate and future success.

Managing Your Domain Names

When managing multiple domain names and multiple TLDs, website management can become challenging.  Especially when domain names are scattered across multiple registrars. The easy solution is to manage all of those domain names with a single domain registrar that specializes in security.

EnCirca is the largest ICANN accredited registrar for .BANK and .CPA domains, SOC 2 certified, and constantly improving cyber security and customer support.

Contact support@encirca.com for a free consultation on consolidating your domain names with EnCirca.

About EnCirca

EnCirca (www.encirca.com) is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar renowned for leading the charge in domain name security and technology.

We believe in the protection of intellectual property and pride ourselves as being a Registrar-of-choice for trademark owners.

The team includes experts in trademark research, database development, ecommerce systems, domain name registration systems and portfolio management services.

EnCirca is uniquely qualified to manage multi-TLD portfolios for brand owners and trademark holders.


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