URL Availability: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Domain

URL Availability: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Domain

The right domain name amplifies your brand and is the most important thing you can do for your website. The URL establishes your credibility and defines your purpose. 

What is a URL

URL availability depends on competition and popularity, and it’s crucial to first understand what a URL is. You should recognize that a domain is not the same as a URL — a domain is only part of the URL. A URL is the entire string of characters that identifies a web page, and it creates a map for your computer to take you where you want to go online.

A URL encompasses both an SLD (second-level domain) and a TLD (top-level domain). The SLD is in between the “www.” and “.com” TLD. For example, “google” is the SLD for the domain name www.google.com. When finding available URLs, you should mainly focus on the SLD and TLD in a domain name.


The most valuable URL will contain a strong TLD. The .com TLD is widely popular, and it’s often very affordable too. However, some businesses may want to take advantage of one of the numerous other TLD’s available. For example, a nonprofit would want to use a .org TLD and a government agency would want to use a .gov TLD. 


The Importance of a Valuable URL with a Strong TLD

The TLD quickly establishes what kind of business you’re in, and sheds a light on your credibility. Most internet users would trust a .edu or .science TLD if they’re looking for qualified research topics. Customers would also rather trust a new .bank TLD knowing that it confirms a financial institution and offers high security.

The SLD portion of the domain identifies your brand. This is a great opportunity to clearly state your business name, service, and influence. It’s important to make an SLD concise and catchy, and you really don’t want it to be overly complicated.

The SLD and TLD should work hand in hand. If you’re able to purchase the most valuable SLD AND TLD, then you’re on the right track for developing a large audience and staying relevant. The domain name www.usa.gov is the clear choice compared to ww.therealusgovernment.com, providing an official government organization TLD and short and sweet SLD. 

Selecting the best SLD can be extremely beneficial if a valuable TLD you wanted is taken, and vice versa. For example, you may be a toymaker with an e-commerce site that already has several competitors. It’s good to have your brand name as the SLD and ff the .com TLD is taken, then you may want to see if the .toys TLD is available. If you’re deadset on a certain TLD, then you may have to pluralize your SLD name or abbreviate. Domain name availability is not always a sure thing, but you can certainly get creative and use numerous combinations to check to see if domain name is available.

Find URL Availability

It can often feel like a chore making sure that your brand is properly represented online. The Encirca Domain Management Tool makes it easy to search for available TLD’s and get the domain name you want. If you’re still wondering how to check if a URL is available or need assistance buying a URL that is already taken, you also have access to a helpful Domain Agent.

How to see if a domain name is available:

  1. Enter your desired domain name in the search bar on our home page to see if it’s available
  2. Our domain search tool will quickly show you what’s available and suggest valuable alternatives
  3. Add your chosen domain name to your cart and checkout
  4. During checkout, you can select the duration of your domain ownership
  5. Sign up or log in for access to the Domain Manager tool
  6. Use the Domain Manager to manage your portfolio and domains

If you’re stuck on domain name availability because the name you want is taken, then a Domain Agent can help. You may be dedicated to this URL because it offers value to your brand, so a domain agent will contact the present domain owner and negotiate a deal. There’s a good chance you can still end up with the URL you want after all.


Buying a URL

To gain access to URL availability and purchase a domain name, an accredited domain name registrar supports your goals. Before committing to a full domain name you can discover transparent prices for TLDs that you’re interested in. You can easily compare TLD prices and find the best value for your brand. 

The domain pricing tool lists every possible TLD alongside four important costs:

  • Regular
  • Renew
  • Transfer
  • Restore

If SLD importance was on the top of your list, then you probably already used our domain search tool on the Encirca home page. Once you’ve checked the URL availability and found the right domain name for your needs, you can buy a URL in a snap. Just add the domain name to your cart and check out. 


Get the URL You Want Today

A valuable URL is a powerful tool for your brand that establishes relevance and credibility. It’s comforting to know that Domain Agents are dedicated to getting you the domain that’s best for your website, and there are a ton of transparent resources and costs for you to discover. Once you explore URL availability and land that high-value domain name, you’ll be seeing a massive amount of visitors and conversions in no time.

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