.ETH domains make blockchain wallets user friendly

.ETH domains make blockchain wallets user friendly

Although blockchain wallets are the next big thing in storing assets, existing wallet names are cumbersome to share and communicate.  Luckily, a .ETH domain name can be mapped to a wide variety of assets on the Blockchain, making it easier for customers to find and pay you.

Why .ETH domains?

Want to make it easy for customers to get to your wallet?
Instead of having to type out a long string of up to 35 numbers, you can add a .ETH domain and map it to your wallet. So, instead of remembering a long string of hexadecimal numbers, your customers can go to somename.eth to get to your wallet.

Have a trademark that you want to protect in the blockchain world?
.ETH domain names are decentralized, anonymous and immutable.  This means that once a domain name has been added to the Blockchain, there is no way for brand owners to forcibly reclaim the ownership of the domain name.  And there is no central authority, such as Registrars, Registries or Law Enforcement to turn to reclaim an infringing domain name.

Register .ETH Today!

EnCirca makes it easy to register a .ETH domain name.

  • No need to use ether to purchase domains; we accept credit cards, paypal, and bitpay.
  • Register a .ETH name, and EnCirca will keep it safe in our secure wallet, or transfer it to your wallet.
  • Names must be 3 characters or more. 3 and 4 character names are premium priced.
  • Some names may be reserved.

We have updated to passwordless logins. MFA users will need to re-enroll after the upgrade. Learn more here.