Pre-Reg for .ETH short character domains ends Friday at EnCirca

Pre-Reg for .ETH short character domains ends Friday at EnCirca

Pre-registration for 3 - 6 character .ETH domain names has been extended, and EnCirca is accepting applications until Friday. Go to to pre-register your short character domain names today! The updated .ETH schedule is below: 

.ETH Prereg Info

  • During checkout, please provide an existing domain name matching the .ETH domain name you are applying for.
    The matching domain must be a DNS second-level domain (2LD) and must have been registered on or before May 4, 2019
  • Before pre-registration is finalized, you must add a special TXT record to the DNS for your matching domain. More details will be provided after checking out.
  • More information will be provided about the other phases of .ETH Preregistration soon.
  • Have a 7-character or longer .ETH domain to register? Go to to register right away.

About .ETH

.ETH initially launched in May, 2017 with domain names limited to seven or more characters in length. Even with this restriction, over 300,000 domains were allocated.

In the summer of 2019, Ethereum is relaxing the length restriction and will be releasing domains that are 3 to 6 characters in length.


We have updated to passwordless logins. MFA users will need to re-enroll after the upgrade. Learn more here.