.forever Enters One Week Sunrise Period For Trademark Owners

.forever Enters One Week Sunrise Period For Trademark Owners

Blockchain's First Truly Decentralized Top-Level-Domain

BOSTON, July 26, 2021 -- EnCirca announced today that they are accepting registrations for the one-week Trademark Sunrise Period for the .forever blockchain-based Top-Level-Domain (TLD). EnCirca is the exclusive Sunrise registrar for the .forever TLD. Trademark owners have one week to submit registrations at www.encirca.com/forever before the .forever Land Rush begins on August 2. Registrations are permanent with a one-time fee and the names do not expire.

".forever overcomes several flaws that exist with other so-called decentralized TLDs such as .eth and .crypto," says Mike Carson, from Impervious, Inc., who are leading the launch of the .forever TLD. ".forever domains are the blockchain's first truly unstoppable decentralized domain names."

"EnCirca is honored to be selected as the exclusive brand protection registrar for the .forever Sunrise Period," says Tom Barrett of EnCirca. "Although the Sunrise period is only one week, the eligibility rules have been designed to ensure most trademarks are eligible to protect their brands. Both registered and unregistered trademarks are eligible, and the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse is not involved"

All .forever Sunrise registrations will be first-come, first served. EnCirca is also accepting pre-registrations for the August 2 Land Rush, which will have other supporting resellers. Registrations are permanent and immutable with a one-time fee and do not expire.

The .forever top-level domain extension is not regulated by ICANN and thus has none of the typical benefits afforded to trademark owners, such as: UDRP and anti-cybersquatting laws.

The .forever TLD is part of the Handshake decentralized root zone, with second-level domain registrations managed via a fork of Ethereum's ENS. Since they are blockchain-based, .forever domains do not expire and cannot be deleted.

The .forever represents a significant breakthrough for achieving truly decentralized domain names.

.forever is a truly autonomous blockchain TLD

.forever's Smart Contract is not controlled by a venture-backed startup or a small group of developers.

To be a truly decentralized TLD, control of the TLD's Smart Contract needs to be provably removed, otherwise the owner of the contract could update it and pull the rug out from second-level domain owners by removing control of their domains. The .forever developers have transferred ownership of the ENS registry contract to a burn address as proof that no one owns the registry. In this way, owners of second level .forever domains do not need to trust the registry or any other third parties, because no one controls the TLD. The .forever TLD is completely out of anyone's control-it has a life of its own from now on and never expires.

.forever eliminates TLD silos by leveraging the Handshake decentralized root zone

Other so-called decentralized TLD's are considered "orphans", since they are not anchored in any root zone system.

The .forever TLD is on the Handshake decentralized root zone, an open-source movement backed by a passionate community of developers and investors. The Handshake root zone has exploded in growth with over 1,500,000 delegated TLDs. In contrast, the ICANN root zone has delegated just 0.1% of this, or 1,500 TLDs.

Another advantage of Handshake is that it removes the need to trust Certificate Authorities (CAs). Currently when you visit an https website, you must trust the issuer of the digital certificate. With Handshake, you can set up DANE, so that internet traffic to the domain can be encrypted using only DNS.

.forever is compatible with ICANN's DNS

The Handshake zone system supports the same DNS records as traditional DNS, so you can use .forever domains for websites or email. Other blockchain TLDs do not have integrations for traditional DNS records, so you can't view them in a browser, or with https.

.forever domains do not expire.

.forever registrants pay a one-time registration fee and never need to pay a renewal fee. With an existing Handshake zone file of 1.5 million (and growing) TLDs, .forever registrants can be assured that their domain will last a lifetime and longer.

So, you truly own your .forever domain, completely and forever. You can get your family name, such as McIntosh.forever and pass it down from generation to generation.

Trademark Owners Should Apply Now

The .forever Trademark Sunrise Period runs from July 26, 13:00 UTC to August 2, 13:00 UTC. EnCirca will also accept pre-registrations for the Land Rush commencing August 2, 15:00 UTC. To learn more and apply today, please visit www.encirca.com/forever.


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