EnCirca launches .BOT Accelerator at NamesCon

EnCirca launches .BOT Accelerator at NamesCon

Las Vegas- January 29, 2019 - EnCirca announced a .BOT Accelerator in conjunction with the 2019 NamesCon event in Las Vegas, USA.  The .BOT Accelerator allows you to register .BOT domain names before finalizing your bot.

The .BOT extension is part of Amazon’s strategy to become the Internet's discovery platform for verified and trusted artificial intelligence applications.  Artificial intelligence applications are becoming ubiquitous.  A study last year by Imperva found that bots are responsible for 52% of all web traffic.  With rampant growth, there has yet to be a clear path to identifying these bots and their intent.  Tech giant, Amazon is stepping in to fulfill this need with the .BOT domain name registry.

To acquire a .BOT domain name, you first must create a software bot.  Then each bot is verified by Amazon.  After verification, you then proceed to register your desired domain name, receiving placement into Amazon's .BOT database of trusted artificial intelligence applications.

Many businesses and trademark owners simply want to first secure their brand names and industry keywords in .BOT before taking the time to fully develop their bot apps.  Waiting until your bot development is completed, risks having someone else grabbing your brand or desired domain name.  To address this risk, EnCirca launched the .BOT Accelerator.

The .BOT Accelerator helps you quickly get your bot started and a domain name registered in under five minutes, giving you ample time to develop the bot you want.

To learn more, visit https://www.encirca.com/bot


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