Announcing OPTUS.BANK!

Announcing OPTUS.BANK!

Another community bank has rebranded to a .BANK domain name.

The .BANK domain extension is one of 1200 new top-level-domain extensions launched a few years ago to provide consumers and businesses greater choices for internet addresses.

What distinguishes .BANK from most of the other extensions is that it has strict eligibility criteria and mandatory security requirements for all active websites.  As a result, websites ending in .BANK are considered more secure by consumers than bank websites ending in .COM or .NET.

With 2,800 .BANK registrations, it is estimated that 40% of U.S. community banks have registered .BANK domain names.  Many of these domains are more intuitive and shorter than the bank’s existing .COM  or .NET domain name.

It is estimated that 400-500 community banks have undergone the re-branding exercise to .BANK.  Most of these have been EnCirca clients.

The latest one is the South Carolina Community Bank with a legacy .NET website at  Last month, the bank announced their new brand-new website at www.OPTUS.BANK.

To find out more about .BANK domains, visit


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