"No industry has suffered more at the hands of cyber-criminals than the banking sector."

"...The .BANK suffix signifies that a website and email is from a legitimate bank...all registrants have to meet enhanced security requirements not seen in other gTLDs. These include eligibility verification, enhanced security requirements to prevent spoofing and ongoing monitoring for domain name abuses including phishing, malware distribution and spam..." (From Info Security Magazine).

  • Conduct a real-time search to see if your desired names are reserved or taken
  • Bank holding companies can now register and use their own domain names
  • Pre-payment is required. Credit card is the fastest method, but you may also use check, ACH
    or bank wire, if you're willing to wait for your order to be processed

Other key .BANK activation services

Buy each component separately, or request a Free Consultation to create a specialized package

Secure DNS Service

Fully compliant with .BANK security

DMARC Email Authentication

Monitoring and Audit Services

SSL Digital Certificates

.BANK compliant SSL and TLS

Free Consultation
Live Support via chat or phone.

Why EnCirca Should be your .BANK Registrar

EnCirca is committed to helping bankers learn how to migrate to the .BANK domain and has captured over 50% market share in .BANK. Formed in 2001 just north of Boston, Massachusetts, EnCirca is the only Registrar serving on the .BANK Security Standards Working Group. Sign-up for one of EnCirca's live webinars discussing how to leverage your .BANK domain name.

Other services that may be of interest to banks include a free trial of Secure DNS and DMARC Email Authentication, Digital certificates, and brand protection services in other top-level-domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the quoted fee include?
  • With each purchase of a .BANK domain, you will receive Two-factor authentication and free migration consultations. Also included is the initial key recording at the registry, periodic key roll-over updates, set-up of vanity name servers, a DNSSEC record, and a DMARC record.

  • Do you offer mutiple year discounts?
  • Yes. We offer tiered pricing depending upon how many years you would like to register upfront. Our price per domain name goes as low as $800.00 per year!

  • Is there a charge per administrative user?
  • No, EnCirca does not charge for user accounts or accessing your records

  • What else is included in the DNS service?
  • Full compliance with the .BANK Registry DNS-related requirements. DNS Infrastructure includes: 2 AnyCast nodes and 8 Global sites

  • Is there a minimum number of domains required to be a client?
  • No, You can manage just one domain as an EnCirca client

  • Can I manage my .COM domains on the DNS name servers for my .BANK domain?
  • Yes. We can manage all of your domain names for you on your .BANK vanity name servers

  • What do I need to launch my .BANK domain?
  • .BANK domains provide the highest level of security on the internet. Multiple components combined together help create this. DMARC, or email authentication, Secure DNS, SSL Certificates, and Secure Web Hosting join forces to protect your clients, your reputation, and your assets.

  • Can you also manage my other domain names, including .COM, .NET and ccTLDs?
  • Yes. You can transfer your domains from other Registrars to EnCirca

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The registration cost for a nonstandard domain name registration may be higher than the standard registration cost.
Nonstandard registrations include domain names:
  • allocated through RFP
  • allocated through auction
  • with single-characters, or
  • with two-letters


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