Cybersecurity Due Diligence: Secure Domain Name Registrars

Cyber hijacking is an ongoing online threat. It’s not just about protecting access to your web pages. You also need to be concerned about the security of the domain names your company purchases. Domain name registrars are one of the fundamental systems that your business relies on, and their service forms the foundation for everything from your main site to your social media outreach processes. Choosing the right Domain Name Registrar is therefore critical for ensuring the security of your business.

EnCirca’s Barrett to Moderate Blockchain Panel at NamesCon

EnCirca’s Tom Barrett will be moderating the Blockchain Panel at NamesCon in Austin, Texas on January 30 at 10am. Tom has recruited several Blockchain experts to discuss the opportunities and threats of Blockchain for domaining. The themes of the session include:
*How is a blockchain domain different from a traditional DNS domain?
*What benefits do blockchain domains bring other than being on a blockchain?
*Who controls the blockchain domains. Can anyone take them down?
*How do trademark protections work with blockchain domains?
*What role does ICANN have to play regarding blockchain domains?

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.INSURANCE Registry Updates for 12/9/19

fTLD, the Insurance Registry, is currently updating their backend system for the .Insurance TLD.This update will start today at 1:30 PM EST, and could take up to 6.5 hours to complete. During this time frame, all updates will error out, including Whois and DNS...

.ETH domains make blockchain wallets user friendly

.ETH domains make blockchain wallets user friendly. Although blockchain wallets are the next big thing in storing assets, existing wallet names are cumbersome to share and communicate.  Luckily, a .ETH domain name can be mapped to a wide variety of assets on the Blockchain, making it easier for customers to find and pay you. Register at