.gay available at EnCirca today

Register your .gay domain name at EnCirca today at www.encirca.com/gay/. Just $37.50 for regular registrations. Some names are premium or reserved. For LGBTQ individuals, organizations, businesses and their allies, .gay serves as a virtual Pride flag and inclusive badge of honor. A .gay domain helps everyone, whether small business, global organization or individual ally, express their support and celebration of LGBTQ communities.

.CPA Launches for Certified Public Accountants

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, via its CPA.com affiliate, has launched the .CPA top-level-domain extension for Certified Public Accountants. .CPA is a restricted Internet domain that allows CPAs to connect with clients and the general public with greater trust, security and verification.

EnCirca Announces Support for Handshake’s Alternative TLDs

Handshake is an experimental peer-to-peer root naming system that allows anyone to create their own top-level domain extension, bypassing ICANN regulation.

The initial Handshake top-level domains supported by EnCirca are: .JS, .TXT, .API, .BASE, .C, .GIN, .MKE and .ZEN.

EnCirca has partnered with NameBase to enable registration of these new Handshake TLDs without using complicated Blockchain interfaces or paying with crypto-currency.

Cybersecurity Due Diligence: Secure Domain Name Registrars

Cyber hijacking is an ongoing online threat. It’s not just about protecting access to your web pages. You also need to be concerned about the security of the domain names your company purchases. Domain name registrars are one of the fundamental systems that your business relies on, and their service forms the foundation for everything from your main site to your social media outreach processes. Choosing the right Domain Name Registrar is therefore critical for ensuring the security of your business.

EnCirca’s Barrett to Moderate Blockchain Panel at NamesCon

EnCirca’s Tom Barrett will be moderating the Blockchain Panel at NamesCon in Austin, Texas on January 30 at 10am. Tom has recruited several Blockchain experts to discuss the opportunities and threats of Blockchain for domaining. The themes of the session include:
*How is a blockchain domain different from a traditional DNS domain?
*What benefits do blockchain domains bring other than being on a blockchain?
*Who controls the blockchain domains. Can anyone take them down?
*How do trademark protections work with blockchain domains?
*What role does ICANN have to play regarding blockchain domains?