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Create authority websites on any topic, including tutorials, magazines, news, and resource hubs. Choosing .ARTICLES is the perfect way to reach a global audience and give credibility and trustworthiness to your website.

.ARTICLES for Tutorials

Domains using .ARTICLES are perfect for websites that want to provide information and resources for any subject. How-to sites like Investing.articles, Knitting.articles, Gardening.articles, and HouseFlipping.articles are great examples of some of the things you can do.

.ARTICLES for Authority

You own the domain, now own the topic. Make yourself an authority on a specific subject and let people know that your website is the place to go to learn more. Names like Crypto.articles, SportsCars.articles, Blockchain.articles, and SEO.articles would accomplish exactly that.

.ARTICLES for Content

In fact, you can use .ARTICLES for any website that publishes readable and informative content. All topics works, but you can’t go wrong with generics names like Newspaper.articles, Magazine.articles, Medical.articles, Research.articles Directory.articles, and Publishing.articles.


As you can see there are plenty of good reasons to choose .ARTICLES for your website. Get yours now before someone else registers your perfect name! 

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  • Transfer: $20.00
  • Renewal: $20.00

Handshake is an experimental peer-to-peer root DNS

Handshake is a proof-of-work protocol like Bitcoin, except unlike Bitcoin where you only use the coins as money, Handshake coins (HNS) are also used to register names on the Handshake blockchain. Handshake names are top-level domain names (.com, .net, .org) but unlike traditional domain names that you can only rent, you truly own your Handshake names forever, which no one can take from you nor prevent others from accessing. And rather than being limited to renting from a small number of extensions like .com and .org, you can own and use almost any extension you can think of, including ones with Chinese characters, Russian characters, and even emojis!

Handshake domains do not resolve on regular DNS sites. Use the search field above to search for available domain names for use with the Handshake protocol.

For more about Handshake, start here.