Activate Your Domain

Activate Your Domain

Once you've purchased your domain, there are a number of steps to take in order to make your domain visible on the web.

Update your Nameservers

All new domains start with a parking page. To use EnCirca's DNS to point to your hosting:


  • Standard DNS - Every domain comes with standard DNS for free. Add and update your TXT, A, CNAME records and more to publish your site and email.
  • Secure DNS - EnCirca’s new DNS service is ISO 27001-certified, providing the ‘Carrier-Grade’ technical stability, fast performance and high-availability demanded by security-conscious organizations.
  • Secure Forwarding - a way to securely redirect your newly purchased domain name to your current website

Find out about DNS

Add Hosting and Email

Encirca has a variety of hosting options for you, depending on the space and security needed for your domains.

  • Standard shared hosting is available for general domains (.com, .net, .health, etc.) that need basic websites.
  • Advanced VPS hosting is a requirement for those domains that need extra security (.bank, .insurance, .creditunion).
  • Email Only Hosting is available for customers who want an email-only solution
  • Secure Forwarding is a way to securely redirect your newly purchased domain name to your current website

Hosting and Email Packages

Add an SSL Certificate

We offer a variety of Geotrust and Comodo certificates to protect your domains.

  • Standard – Protect your domain with a certificate that says your business information has been independently verified.
  • OV – Basic identity verification. Ideal for small business websites and pages accepting sensitive information.
  • EV – Your business credentials are validated more extensively, and you get the “green bar” in browsers.
  • Wildcard– Protect multiple options of the same base domain (i.e. and
  • SAN – Protect multiple, different domains (i.e. and

Explore SSL Options

Want an all-in-one solution?

Registrar Assisted Migration Program (RAMP) is a one-stop-shop secure hosting package, with everything you need to have a fully compliant website:

  • Secure Website and Email Hosting
  • Secure Zone Nameservers
  • Domain Validation SSL Certificate
  • DMARC Alignment Deployment
  • Up to 10 hours of consulting for the migration



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