4U.COM Registration

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Why .4u.com?

The .com TLD represents more than half of all globally registered domain names, and is by far the most sought-after real estate on the web. Simply put, in the world of real estate, location equals value. The better the location the greater the value. However, most of the simple names and keywords in the .com domain have already been registered.

While the critical need for .com domain names is accelerating, the number of desirable names continues to shrink. Now, there is another option: 4U.com.

4U.com follows a third-level model common in many top-level domains, such as .uk, .au and .pro. All domains are in the form of example.4u.com. 4U.com domain names work just like regular .com domain names and can be used for websites and email.

The world no longer has to settle for long names located on prime real estate. In short, simply put any name in front of .4U.com domain and start realizing the benefits of being located on prime real estate.