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The .com TLD represents more than half of all globally registered domain names, and is by far the most sought-after real estate on the web. Simply put, in the world of real estate, location equals value. The better the location the greater the value. However, most of the simple names and keywords in the .com domain have already been registered.

While the critical need for .com domain names is accelerating, the number of desirable names available continues to shrink. Now, there is another option:

The extension operates as any top-level domain, such as .uk, .au and .pro. (For example; – –, etc). And, (xxxx) can be used for websites and email just like domain names.

The world no longer has to settle for long names located on prime real estate. In short, simply put any name in front of and start realizing the benefits of being located on prime Internet real estate.

The .com extension remains the number one extension. Domains that end in .com are recognizable, common, and they have SEO benefits.

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How do I buy a .4U.COM domain name?
Buying a .4U.COM domain is easy! Just type in your desired .4U.COM domain name in the search box above to check availability. If your desired .4U.COM domain name is available, you can add the .4U.COM domain name to your shopping cart and check out.

What registration terms are allowed for .4U.COM domains?
You can register your .4U.COM domain name with EnCirca for anytime from 1-10 years.

How long does it take to register my .4U.COM domain?
Most domain names registered with EnCirca will appear in your account instantly.

How do I use web hosting for my .4U.COM website?
EnCirca has many templates that allow you to quickly start your very own website for personal use or for business. Once you purchase your domain name, you need web hosting. Visit Here to view EnCirca’s web hosting and email hosting options and follow our steps to get started.

How do I use my .4U.COM domain name for email?
EnCirca’s web hosting packages also offer email for up to as many mailboxes as you want. Visit Here to view EnCirca’s web hosting and email hosting options and follow our steps to get started.

How do I encrypt my .4U.COM domain name?
Domain name encryption can come in many forms. As one of the most secure domain name registrars, EnCirca offers multiple levels of cybersecurity for your domain names. From SSL Certificate encryption, Secure DNS, and Secure Web Hosting to multi-factor authentication and domain name registrar locks, EnCirca has you covered. Visit Here to view our entire selection of cybersecurity tools for you domain name.