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The new Internet home for a world of Kims: .KIM

Business owners and individuals worldwide prefer to use their own name in their Internet address. If your name is KIM, this has been very difficult, as all the "KIM" names in .com were already taken years ago.

  • KIM is one of the most popular surnames in the world, with over 100M Koreans sharing this ancient and honorable name. The introduction of the new .KIM domain creates a fantastic opportunity for this extended family to settle their business or personal internet identities at .KIM address.
  • Kim is also one of the most popular first names, so if you are a Kim or Kimberly, then .KIM is the perfect personal domain for your personal website, blog, or email address. You can use your .KIM as a space to share family photos or updates and milestones with family and friends all over the world.
  • If your business's brand includes "Kim" then you will benefit from a short, intuitive .KIM domain name when advertising and promoting your business. Promote your skills and experiences with an online resume, portfolio or biography with a .KIM web address.

The availability of the new gTLD .KIM presents renewed options for those associated with the name Kim to get a domain that is personal, intuitive, and relevant for them or their business.

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