dotCEO - The TLD for Leaders

dotCEO is for the modern, social media savvy type leader, who has a voice and wants to control the message.

  • Authority & Power
    Sites on dotCEO are universally accepted as more credible and reputable than traditional dotCOM or similar extensions. dotCEO adds value to every domain address.

  • Branding
    CEOs, brands and businesses appear more professional, more knowledgeable and more experienced on a dotCEO domain. Domain addresses last forever. If your name is your personal brand, secure it on the only web address that conveys authority and power.

  • dotCEO is the world's first social TLD
    Every dotCEO domain comes with free access to the exclusive dotCEO Network. Your name and identity on dotCEO becomes your very own personal micronetwork. You own every post and every share thanks to powerful social analytics.


Remember, with your dotCEO registration, you will receive
access to your own Identity Page,
and eventual access to the dotCEO Social Network,

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  • Pricing:

    Standard - $99
    Premium Tier 1 - $499
    Premium Tier 2 - $999
    Premium Tier 3 - $2,500
    Premium Tier 4 - $5,000