|| .Pro Domain Name Transfer  

Consolidate your .pro domains with EnCirca. You will not lose any time remaining on your current term.
We will initiate the transfer for you, pay the Registry transfer fee and extend your term by one year.
(Contact us if you wish to transfer a Defensive Registration.)

Please note: transferring a second level .pro domain is a Group transfer

  • Transfers of second-level domains MUST include the associated third-level domains
  • Transfers of third-level domains MUST include ALL of the associated second-level domains
  • For Group transfers: complete this form for each domain name to be transferred
    or use our Bulk Transfer Tool

Please provide the following:

1. The Domain to be transferred
2. The Current Registrar for the Domain
3. The Registrant's "Authorization Code". Not to be confused with the domain name's Auth Info.
4. The Registrant's "ROID". Not to be confused with the domain name's ROID. 5. The Term Extension. One year transfers is the only option.
6. Accept the terms as you would with a new registration