|| .CN Domain Name Transfer  

Consolidate your domains with EnCirca. We will initiate the transfer for you, pay the Registry transfer fee, extend your term by one year and provide a free parking page. Longer term extensions are also available.

Please provide the following:

1. The Domain to be transferred
2. The Current Registrar for the Domain
3. The "Authorization Code". The Current Registrar provides this to you.
4. The Term Extension. Extend your domain the maximum term and save money!
5. Accept the terms as you would with a new registration
   * If you are transferring from a registrar based in China, please see additional instructions below.

||   Transferring from domestic registrars
Additional documentation is required if you are transferring a .cn domain from a China-based registrar to a registrar based outside of China.

In addition to completing this order form, you must also submit your transfer request to us in writing on company stationery.

Fax this letter to +1.781.823.8911