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The Trademark Clearinghouse


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The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) was created by ICANN as a repository for new Rights Protection Mechanisms covering new Top-Level-Domains (TLD's). All new TLD's will be required to use the TMCH for Trademark Claims and Sunrise Periods. The first phase of ICANN's new TLD program contains 1300 unique strings.

Eligibility in the TMCH is limited to active registered trademarks from a national or multi-national jurisdiction. Also covered are trademarks validated by a court order or treaty.

There are two protection services enabled by the TMCH:

  • Trademark Claims
  • Sunrise Registrations

Trademark Claims

Once a trademark is accepted by the TMCH, it will automatically be enrolled in the Trademark Claims process for all new TLD's. Trademark Claims is a 90-day window during the launch of a TLD. Whenever a potential registrant applies for a domain name that matches a trademark in the TMCH, they will receive a message informing them of the existence of the claim. If the registrant proceeds with the registration, the claimant(s) will receive a notice of the event.

A domain name will trigger a clams notice if it is an exact match or if the domain name was subject to a successful UDRP for the trademark. There are rules for replacing special characters in trademarks into the more limited set of characters allowed for domain names.

Sunrise Registrations

Trademark owners may also be declared eligible to participate in any Sunrise Period if they provide a Declaration of Use and a Proof-of-Use specimen for their trademark. Once accepted, they may register during a Sunrise Period for domain names for exact matches of their trademark only.

All Sunrise Periods require that you provide a special token from the TMCH to proove you are eligible to participate in the Sunrise Period. EnCirca will store this token for you and issue it to you upon request.


EnCirca provides a complete turn-key service for you to successfully submit your trademarks to the TMCH and manage them for future Sunrise Periods. You do not need to pre-fund any TMCH account and can instead pay us after successful submission. Our service includes the following:

  • Pre-Validation: We search online trademark databases to ensure your trademarks are eligible.
  • Document Preparation: We make sure you have all necessary documents
  • TMCH Submission: We will submit your trademarks and documents
  • TMCH Follow-up: We will monitor requests for additional documentation
  • Sunrise tokens: We will manage your Sunrise tokens for you
  • Sunrise alerts: We will alert you when new Sunrises are scheduled
  • Claims notices: We will alert you when your trademark has generated a claims notice


You will need to sign an authorization agreement to allow EnCirca to submit your trademarks to the TMCH on your behalf. To start this process, please fill out the TMCH Sign-up Request Form.

In parallel, you can start collecting the trademarks you want to submit to the TMCH. To help with this effort, download our TMCH Worksheet that includes all of the data you will need to provide for your trademarks. We will let you know which supporting documents will be required.

The Trademark Clearinghouse on EnCirca


  • Includes all services listed including Pre-Validation against online databases

  • All TMCH fees included

  • No payment until submission


  • Full Service
    (includes all TMCH fees)

    • 1 year: $249
    • 3 years: $549
    • 5 years: $899
    • Includes up to 10 domains/trademark. Extra domains cost $1/year

  • Pre-Validation Only
    • Contact us.