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    News Alert: ICANN and RegistryPro to remove restrictions.
    Changes take effect: September 8, 2008

The .Pro domain is a restricted domain name, available to professionals who self-certify that they meet the eligibility requirements of their profession. .Pro is the premium domain that provides instant branding visibility for licensed professionals of all types looking to promote themselves on the internet. .pro is ideal for professionals who want to establish a unique presence online.

Premium .pro domains such as encirca.pro are now available to all self-certified professionals at a spring promotional price of $19.95 for a 1-year registration. With self-certification, names are available for use immediately upon registration.

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 Profession-Specific Third-Level .pro domains

Profession-specific third-level domains appear like expert.law.pro. These are available only for professionals with issued credentials from the US, UK, Canada or Germany. Cost is $199/year.

Profession .pro domains are perfect for branding your profession in your internet address. Each third-level .Pro registration includes a digital certificate for authenticating communications and transactions. To receive your digital certificate, the registrant must be authenticated by the registry. Registrants must hold a valid license from one of the following professions:

  • Lawyers (law.pro, bar.pro, jur.pro, avocat.pro, recht.pro)
  • Medical Doctors (med.pro)
  • Certified Public Accountants (cpa.pro, aca.pro, aaa.pro, acct.pro)
  • Professional Engineers (eng.pro)

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For more information about profession-specific .pro domains, see our .Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) .

 Complete List of .Pro Products

The following .Pro domain services are available:
  • ProRSS. Free daily notices of new, deleted and expired .pro registrations via RSS.

  • ProResolving. This second level domain is a fully resolving domain name which requires the registration of two third-level .pro domains at EnCirca in different professions. The strings do not need to match. All three domains must have the same owner. Cost is $99/year.

  • ProTransfer. Transfer your .Pro domain to EnCirca. You will not lose any time remaining on your current term. Your expiration date will be extended by one full year from your current expiration date. Cost is just $149 for third-level domains and $59 for second-level domains.

  • ProDefense: ProDefense is for trademark protection against second level .pro registrations. The cost is $699/year. Does not require trademark information.

  • ProBlock: . ProBlock is for trademark protection against all available third level domains (law, med, cpa, eng and future professions). The cost is $499/year and trademark information is required.

  • ProGuard: . ProGuard is for trademark protection against a single third level domain. The cost is $199/year and trademark information is required.

  • ProReserve: . ProReserve is to reserve or pre-register a third level domain if your country or profession is not yet supported. The cost is $199/year and no trademark is required.

 Pro Whois Search

You can verify your registration via the .Pro Whois search