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Why .PRO?

Professionals from anywhere in the world are eligible to register dot-pro domain names on a first-come, first-served basis. Dot-pro domain names work just like dot-com domains, with the ability to create fully featured websites and email addresses. The extension is already universally recognized on the Internet as the premium space for professionals.

A business or professional may register their trademarks, industry keywords, search engine terms, company names, or marketing slogans. There is no limit to how many dot-pro domain names an individual or company can register.

PRO Auctioned/Expired Names Available

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  • New Registration Special - $3 for first year
  • Regular registration - $12 per year
  • 1-10 year registrations

  • Third-Level dotPRO domains for $199
    Licensed lawyers, accountants, doctors and engineers can register third-level dot-pro names here.

.PRO News

  • .Pro Registry Announces Unrestricted Registrations beginning Nov 16th