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RegistryPro revises relaunch date to September 8, 2008 at 12:00 pm EST
Posted: 16 July 2008

Following the April 29 approval by the ICANN Board, RegistryPro has announced the "relaunch" of the .Pro TLD will begin on September 8, 2008{revised date}.

The changes approved by ICANN will be implemented in multiple phases. Phase 1 will include:

  • "Stand-alone" second level resolving domains
  • Incorporation of Terms of Use requirement
  • Changes to AV form and process
Phase 2 will include the launch of the nine new profession specific second level domains (PSSLDs). The launch date for these new PSSLDs is still being determined.

RegistryPro and ICANN propose to remove restrictions for .pro
Posted: 14 Mar 2008 22:14:47 GMT

RegistryPro is pleased to announce that ICANN has posted RegistryPro's proposal to make various changes to our contract for 30 days of public comment. This proposal was created after several months of focused work with ICANN, our Advisory Board, current and prospective registrars and registrants, and it represents the cornerstone of RegistryPro's vision for the evolution of the dotPRO TLD. The complete proposal is now available at ICANN's .pro Announcement

Proposed changes include:

  • Allowing all credentialed professionals to access the dotPRO TLD
  • Allowing all registrants to register second level resolving domains
  • Implementation of a Terms of Use agreement
  • Nine new profession specific second level domains
  • A reconfiguration of the RegistryPro Advisory Board
  • Additionally, the new Registry Services Request #2008003 for the release of three character numeric second level domains have also been posted

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EnCirca encourages your participation in the 30 day public comment period. EnCirca's ProForwarding clients will be transitioned to the new rules at no extra charge once the new rules take effect.

Advisory Board Supports Changes to ICANN Agreement
Posted: Tuesday, February 05, 2008

RegistryPro’s Advisory Board has issued a statement supporting several proposed modifications to our agreement with ICANN. The complete proposal, which includes changes to dotPRO registration restrictions, new profession-specific second level domains, and a restructuring of the Board itself, was drafted by the registry over several months with guidance from ICANN and input from professionals throughout the world. It was approved by the RegistryPro Advisory Board in late January.

In his letter to ICANN, Board Chair Steven Wright wrote: “The Advisory Board discussed these and the other changes in the amendment package in two telephone conferences, in November and December 2007, with further discussion by email. A vote was held in January 2008, and the proposal to support RegistryPro's proposed amendments was adopted without dissent.”

The proposal has been sent to ICANN for preliminary review and staff comment.

This RegistryPro statement was released February 5, 2008 via the RegistryPro RSS Feed.