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The following answers to .Pro's most frequently asked questions are provided to give you a better understanding of third level .Pro domains.

1. What is a .Pro domain name?
A .Pro domain name is the first and only restricted top-level domain exclusively for professionals, approved and regulated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and operated by RegistryPro.

.Pro offers a bundled profession-specific third-level domain name, (med.pro, law.pro, cpa.pro or eng.pro) along with a professional verification and professional level digital certificate that may be downloaded by registrants to enable secure Web transactions or email communications.

2. Why do I need a .Pro domain name?
Professionals who have a heightened security and privacy obligations will benefit from the easy-to-implement and use .Pro domain name and professional level certificate. Professionals in the legal, medical and accounting fields have an obligation to keep client records, communications and personal information secure and private. With a .Pro digital certificate, online communication can be digitally signed and encrypted, ensuring privacy.

3. How does .Pro work?
A .Pro domain name is issued to professionals who self-certify that they meet the eligibility requirements and undergo a stringent verification process. Once the professionals are issued a domain name, they are provided with instructions on how to download their digital certificate to their computer for use in digitally signing and encrypting email and Web communications. A professional-level digital certificate provides the following:

  • Authentication: provides proof of a digital identity
  • Confidentiality: enables privacy and confidentiality of content
  • Integrity: ensures the content has not been changed or altered
  • Non-repudiation: provides proof that the communication was sent

4. Who can register a third level .Pro domain name?
At this time, only members of the medical, legal, accounting and engineering professions, are eligible to register third level .Pro domains. It is the responsibility of the registrant to provide truthful and accurate information about their professional status when registering a .Pro domain name.

The .Pro professional eligibility requirements are intended to restrict domain name registrations to persons and organizations that are licensed or otherwise credentialed by the appropriate government agencies or organizations to provide professional services to the public in the legal, medical, accounting and engineering fields.

5. Where is the eligibility criteria specified?
The .Pro eligibility criteria are established in the Registry's Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) . If you are interested in recommending a sub-domain for your professional group, please email legal @ registrypro.pro .

6. What are the basic eligibility criteria?
Generally, to be in compliance with the professional eligibility requirements, a registrant must be either:

An individual who is currently licensed as (i) a Certified Public Accountant, (ii) a physician (including a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy), or (iii) an attorney at law, or (iv) a Professional Engineer, or,

An organization that provides accounting, legal or medical professional services, and has an employee who satisfies one of the above criteria and registers on behalf of such entity or organization. Examples of such organizations include: accounting firms, hospitals, legal publishers, medical supply companies, or the law department of a large company.

All .Pro domain name registrants must remain in compliance with the professional eligibility requirements at all times during their registration.

7. How will RegistryPro review the eligibility of .Pro registrants?
RegistryPro requires that registrants self-certify that they are professionals who meet the requirements of their profession and jurisdiction and provide license and identity information, which can be independently cross-referenced against appropriate third-party or public databases through a review process.

8. What information must be provided as proof of eligibility for a .Pro domain name?
All applicants must submit personal and professional information in order to be eligible for a .Pro domain. Information includes, but is not limited to: country of residence, full legal name, home address, date of birth, last four digits of social security number, type of profession, jurisdiction, professional license number, date issued, name as it appears on license, address where professional license was issued.

9. Does RegistryPro offer real-time registration?
No, to ensure a high level of security, .Pro registrations are multi-staged and require an out-of- band process (a paper mailing) to provide assurance that the registrant is who they represent themselves to be.

10. Will eligibility be reviewed again after registration?
Eligibility for registration in the .Pro domain will be verified at the time of registration and minimally re-verified at the time of a registrants' digital certificate annual renewal.

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