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To help you act quickly to protect your trademarks, EnCirca has created a special "opt out" service for trademark owners. Brand owners have until October 28, 2011 to opt out and block the use of their registered marks in this new adult-oriented domain. However, the EnCirca application deadline is October 21, 2011, so that EnCirca can perform a pre-validation check of the data provided on the application before the October 28 deadline. Please read below for details.

The Sunrise Application Process

  • Trademark owner submits their Sunrise B application(s) to EnCirca.
  • EnCirca will also collect any required documentation from applicant, such as declaration of rights from Assignees and Licensees.
  • EnCirca will analyze all applications to ensure they satisfy the validation requirements. This is important since the registry does not allow for any corrections or updates. The results of the registry validation will not be known until after the sunrise period is over.
  • EnCirca will notify the applicant if any applications do not qualify and will work with the applicant to help fix the problem.
  • EnCirca will submit the applications to the Registry.

Sunrise Fee Structure

  • EnCirca's fee is $245 per application. This consists of an application/registry fee of $195 and a pre-validation fee of $50.
  • EnCirca will first pre-validate all applications to ensure they are eligible for the .xxx sunrise.
  • EnCirca will notify the trademark owner if applications may not qualify, and attempt to resolve open issues.
Two Submission Options:
  • Complete our Online Order Form and pay online with a credit card by October 21. To apply now online, please click here.

  • Provide us your trademark data in a file rather than enter it manually into our order form:
    • This method is ideal for multiple applications.
    • Please use this bulk file template, which describes the required and optional data for .xxx "blocking" applications.
    • Email your completed file by October 21 to sunrise@encirca.com.
    • We will send you a pro-forma invoice for your approval and payment before we process your order.

Sunrise Refund Policy

EnCirca's fee is $245 per application. This consists of an application/registry fee of $195 and a pre-validation fee of $50. EnCirca will first pre-validate all applications to ensure they are eligible for the .xxx sunrise. We will contact you if we discover any issues with your application.

Once pre-validated, we will submit your application to the registry. If your sunrise B application is rejected by the .xxx validation agent, EnCirca will fully refund your $245 fee.

In order to receive a refund, the application must be rejected due to validation reasons. To avoid potential misunderstanding, this includes the following conditions:

  • The application or documentation does not contain false or fraudulent information
  • The applicant matches the trademark owner, assignee or licensee
  • All requested documentation is provided no later than October 21, 2011. Applications and documents received after October 21 will be processed, but all fees are non-refundable and the refund policy does not apply.
  • The registered trademark record must not have materially changed when reviewed by the .xxx validation agent
  • The applied-for block is not superseded by an application in Sunrise AT or AD
The reimbursement would be either by check within 30 days after the end of the sunrise period or by credit card, if that is how payment was initially made.

If your application fails the pre-validation process, you will be given the opportunity to cure your application. If EnCirca, or you, decides not to submit your application, you will be charged the $50 pre-validation fee.


       Contact us and we will respond promptly.

       Members of the adult entertainment community please apply here.



EnCirca includes pre-validation of all .XXX sunrise trademark applications so you can rest assured that your applications will pass the registry validation checks. Learn More
The .XXX registry does not allow applications to be corrected, so first-time accuracy is important.
You may have confidence in your trademark management system but the real issue is whether it matches the online database checked by the .xxx registry.


Licensees and assignees must submit a Rights form by October 21, 2011 to EnCirca by fax (+17818238911) or email to the EnCirca help desk.

Applicants listed as "owner" on the government trademark record are not required to submit a form.