Donuts' Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) Blocks for Trademark Owners

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It's getting very hard to find a good identity in the namespace limited to .COM, .NET, .INFO and other "top-level domains," or TLDs. However, thanks to TLD expansion, Donuts is bringing hundreds of new TLD options to market to help you mark your online territory and tell the world what you do and care about.

What is Donuts' DPML?

Donuts applied for the rights to operate 307 new, generic TLDs - all open, dictionary terms. All of the domains that Donuts is applying for can be blocked using the DPML Blocking service.

How does DPML work?

DPML prevents cybersquatting by enabling brand owners to block their trademarks from registration at the second level across all Donuts TLDs. DPML protects trademark holders at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the terms in all of Donuts TLDs

What New Top Level Domain Names Has Donuts Applied For?

Donuts has filed more than 300 applications for new TLDs, and its intention is to secure and operate every applied-for TLD. See the pdf of the list here.

How does a Trademark holder buy a DPML?

The trademark holder must first register a mark with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The mark must be registered according to the "use" standard, which is the same standard for registration during the Sunrise period.

Once that mark is validated by TMCH, the brand holder must register with a DPML Registrar. Once the steps are completed, the trademark term is blocked from registration in all Donuts TLDs for an initial period of five years. A DPML subscription then can be renewed in increments of one to ten years. A domain blocked by DPML is not functional, meaning it may not be used for a website URL, email address or other type of domain related functionality

The Value of a DPML Block

  • Powerful: Allows brand owners to protect more than their exact trademarks. DPML protects keywords that "contain" the mark.
  • Flexible: The program allows trademark holders to protect terms in all Donuts TLDs while retaining the ability to register specific domains during or after Sunrise.
  • Simple: A one-time purchase protects a term for five years. Domains blocked by DPML are not live on the Internet and therefore don't require the involvement of your IT team.
  • Affordable: Costs brand owners significantly less than if they choose to defensively register terms.

When will Donuts' TLDs launch?

The start date of a DPML subscription submitted in 2013 will not begin until the first Donuts' Sunrise Period, which is expected to commence late in 2013 or early in 2014. The earlier a DPML subscription is purchased, the more useful it will be since a DPML subscription does not retroactively rescind third party registration in any Donuts' TLD launched prior to the DPML subscription (although DPML subscribers will be able to block any names not already registered in those TLDs).

Secure your place early, ensuring complete coverage across all names.

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$6,000 / 5 year registration