|| .Pro Bulk Purchase Program

.PRO registrations are just $14.95/year. But for the month of January, take advantage of our bulk purchase program, and receive a greatly discounted price on .PRO domains. This program is ideal for professional trade associations, domain resellers and trademark owners.

Why .PRO?

  • .PRO is universally recognized on the Internet as the premium space for licensed professionals.

  • .PRO domain names work just like dot-com domains, with the ability to create fully featured websites and email addresses

  • The .PRO domain is a restricted domain name, available to professionals who self-certify that they meet the eligibility requirements of their profession. A business or professional may register their trademarks, industry keywords, search engine terms, company names, or marketing slogans.There is no limit to how many .PRO domain names an individual or company can register.

  • Qualified businesses and licensed professionals may register company names, trademarks, industry keywords, search engine terms and personal names on a first-come, first-served basis. Names are available for use immediately upon registration.

Bulk Purchase Program Details:

  • 2,000 names. $10.19/year. Five packages available.
  • 5,000 names. Far less than $10/year. Just two packages available.
  • 10,000 names. Very far less than $10/year. Just one package available.
  • Full payment required in advance.
  • Registrations must be completed within 30 days.
  • One year new registrations only. Does not apply to renewals or transfers.

Contact us at bulkpurchase@encirca.com to discuss your discount on high-volume bulk purchases.

Even if the Bulk Purchase Program is not for you, .PRO domains are still inexpensive at just $14.95/year and we charge no taxes. For purchases of 25 domains or less, please enter domain names in the box below.

Maximum: 25 domains